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Finest Spring/Down and High Density Ultra Foam available on the market. Easily replace those old tired cushions!

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Master your craft today! Enroll in Broadway Upholstery School, and become a master with our many online classes. 

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All of our products are endorsed by Master Upholsterer Kevin Kennedy, the very same products that he used to launch and maintain his profound upholstery career that spans 40+ Years!

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Hand picked for your project needs. Each kit has something for everyone!

Custom Furniture

The process from the curb to the shop is only the beginning of our pieces second life. In the next stage, where you all come in, is picking out that perfect fabric. Each time a new episode of  Furniture Salvation is released we will post a poll with various fabric styles to choose from. The winning style will be chosen and selected for the pieces final look!

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Comfort Till’ The Final Act 

The team at Broadway Upholstery Supply is proud to offer a central hub online, for all things upholstery. For the first time, there is finally a place to go for all your upholstery needs. Whether you want to learn from us taking an online class, or browse our wide array of upholstery products, there’s something for everyone! All of our products are endorsed by Master Upholsterer Kevin Kennedy, the very same products that he used to launch and maintain his profound upholstery career that spans over 40 years. Were also very excited to be offering our very own upholstery kits.  Kit’s that can guide you through any project!

Custom Furniture

Signature Kits 

Absolutely loved it. It took me from A – Z in an easily understandable form. I have watched many of Broadway Upholstery’s videos online which are always great, but I never had any formal teach and never understood why I was doing what I was doing. This package cleared so many things up. I just finished everything and now I’m hooked, definitely looking to try out one of the regular classes next but I’m still new at this and wanted to be sure I had a good base of information. I recommend this for anyone. Beginners will get a good foundation out of it and pro’s (although I’m not a pro) could fine tune their base and expand on what they already know.



Webbing Repair Kit

Restore structure to that sunken in seat with our webbing kit. It has all the essential supplies you’ll need to repair a failing sofa or chair bottom. 

Go To Tool Kit

The essential tools for upholstery. Kevin’s choice tools for over 40 years! 

Button Repair Kit

Isn’t a popped button on a piece of furniture annoying to see? Fix it with our button repair kit. It has everything you’ll need to make a piece of buttoned furniture look nice again.

Hand Stitching & Sewing Kit

There are some jobs a sewing machine just can’t do, like repairing a ripped seam. Our hand sewing kit has everything you’ll need to get the job done. Repair seams or rips anywhere.

Tufting Kit

Reupholstering a piece of older furniture and want to give it a traditional tufted look? Give it a try with our tufting kit. It has all the items you’ll need for success.

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Master Your Craft Today with Broadway Upholstery School! Online Upholstery Classes 

The Diamond Chair

A Diamond in the Ruff! Michelle is back! Join her as she restores this unique Diamond Tufted Side Chair, and tries her hand and some new and interesting techniques. Perfect for folks looking for improve or learn in the art of tufting.

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Since 2011, we have hosted one of the most popular upholstery DIY/ How-to channels on Youtube! Broadway Upholstery School has millions of views and 11K subscribers and counting!




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