One Year Subscription


Subscribe to Broadway Upholstery school and gain access to all the classes we offer for a period of no less than 1 year.

That means access to any of the Master classes and anything they include for a full year.

  • Each class typically includes a 6 week course.
  • Each Course has 1 video per week totaling 6 videos.
  • Each video is 2 hours long, giving you 12 hours of learning per course.
  • New courses are typically released shortly after the finish of the previous one.
  • This means a yearly subscription adds up to hundreds of hours of video lessons!
  • The classes themselves are by a true Master of Upholstery, Kevin Kennedy, who teaches his technique to volunteer students and apprentices.
    • This method of teaching is one of the reasons these classes are so special. You are actually learning with someone as they are taught how to do it.
    • There is a real authentic feel to the classes.