Kevin Kennedy 

Master Upholsterer

Kevin Kennedy has been in the upholstery business for more than 40+ years. He began his career at Ruby’s in Waltham where he was tutored by European Masters. Kevin picked up extremely fast and in a few years he was considered a professional himself. His first store was Kennedy’s Upholstery in Wellesley. But it wasn’t until he opened up Upholstery On Broadway in Arlington and expanded his brand onto youtube that people started picking up on how talented he had become. Upholstery on Broadway has now been open for 8 successful years and his Youtube channel has over 6,000 subscribers. 

Bernice King

Slipcover Expert

Bernice King has been making slipcovers for over 30 years. When the demand for slipcovers became a significant part of her window treatment and interior design business, she saw the need to improve her skills. First by taking classes then later teaching with the Slipcover Network, she found a source for “all things slipcover”. There she found sources for supplies and fabrics. There was also an endless supply of expertise offered by experienced slipcover makers. She taught at the annual Slipcover Summit for 13 years. Classes were offered in her studio as well. She later developed her own techniques designed to make the process more accurate, faster and easier on the body of the pinner.

She enjoys sharing her knowledge about slipcovers with all students; home sewers,  as well as those who want to be in the slipcover business.

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