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Kevin Kennedy has been in the Upholstery Industry for almost 50 years. In that time he has discovered how challenging it can be for people out there to get the right supplies and receive the right information to become successful in upholstery. Broadway Upholstery Supply & School was created with the sole purpose of taking all the information out there and condensing it into one location based on Kevin’s expertise and success.  Whether you’re a beginner building up your fundamentals, amateurs looking to make this their profession, or professionals already in the industry, this is the online hub for those of you who want to take their upholstery career to the next level.


We are Upholstery on Broadway

Kevin Kennedy has been in the upholstery business for more than 40+ years. He began his career at Ruby’s in Waltham where he was tutored by European Masters. Kevin picked up extremely fast and in a few years he was considered a professional himself. His first store was Kennedy’s Upholstery in Wellesley. But it wasn’t until he opened up Upholstery On Broadway in Arlington and expanded his brand onto youtube that people started picking up on how talented he had become. Upholstery on Broadway has now been open for 8 successful years and his Youtube channel has over 6,000 subscribers. 

Our Mission

Broadway Upholstery School

After opening Upholstery on Broadway we decided on making YouTube videos just for fun. We figured there may be some people out theyre interested in upholstery, and how to try dome DIY projects at home. Well over time our YouTube channel has grown to 6,000+ followers! There isn’t just a small market here for learning this anymore. The skill level of someone like Kevin Kennedy leaves you in awe sometimes. Not only does he have an answer for every question, but he adds things to the lesson that doesn’t come from any textbook. He provides historical context to some of his lessons and the breadth if information he has is astounding. 

The combination of Kevin Kennedy’s skill and effectiveness at teaching (breaking down difficult concepts into easier more manageable ones  and putting them together) gave people on YouTube a favorite place to go for learning Now Kevin has taken it a step further

Learn by doing

The best way to learn something is by doing it. It’s always easier to memorize something by repetetive action than note taking.

Ask questions, get answers

This is an interactive classroom where Kevin is going to be paying attention to the comments so any questions you have if you get stuck you can post on the comment board and he will help you understand the concept.

Learn about Fabrics

Applying the right fabric is so important, some fabrics just don’t work with certain pieces while others were made for the job. Having the skill for picking fabrics is akin to developing an eye for design, once you are skilled enough you just know how to pick the right fabric for the right project.

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